Excel can assist you with customized classroom posters, photographic posters, indoor and outdoor banners.



  • Classroom posters are printed on 13x19 80lb coated cover stock for only .35 cents each.

  • Photographic posters are printed on our fine art wide carriage inkjet printer. We use heavy duty photographic paper up to 42 in. wide at a cost of $2.25 per square ft. These are great for event promotions.

  • Our outdoor banners are printed on UV coated vinyl with a mat finish. They are hemmed for durability and have grommets for ease of display. They come in two styles; Light weight is $1.50 per square ft and Heavy Duty printed on 18 oz. vinyl for $2.50 per square ft. Sizes range from 1.5x2ft to 5x15ft.



New for 2019-20 school year we offer feather banner flag sets with bases

2’ x 8’ - $54 plus base and pole $181

2.5’ x 10’ - $90 plus base and pole $190

2.5’ x 12’ - $111 plus base and pole $200

3’ x 15’ - $125 plus base and pole $210

Base is spike or cross stand with weight.

For additional questions or concerns please email Shayna at Shayna@excelphotographers.com

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