Visitor & Award Stickers Ordering Page.

Excel Photographers would like to assist you in managing your visitors on campus.  We offer a variety of visitor stickers in various shapes and sizes that we will customize with your school colors and graphics.  We will supply your school with 1 ream of 250 sheets for free.  You may order additional reams for $30 each unless specified in your school portrait contract.

We also offer two fun student motivation sticker designs.  One is an award type ribbon and the other is a star.  In addition, we can custom print these stickers to promote your social or academic development goals.

We also offer a Reusable PVC badge with clip for those schools that do not want to waist resources.  Excel will supply your school with 25 badges with clips at no charge.

Product OL875WR - Removable White Matte - 2.625" x 1" 30 per sheet 7,500 per ream.

Product OL100WR - Removable White Matte - 4" x 1.33" 14 per sheet 3,500 per ream.

Product OL125WR - Removable White Matte - 4" x 2" 10 per sheet 2,500 per ream

Product OL150WR - Removable White Matte - 4" x 3.33" 6 per sheet 1,500 per ream

Product OL201 - 2.3414" x 3.4028" Award Ribbon Labels 9 per sheet 2,250 per Ream

Product OL195 - 2.3758" x 2.2601" Star Student Stickers 12 per sheet 3,000 per ream

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